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Sochi arboretum

Sochi arboretum
- Tour: acquaintance with history and nature of the city
- Transportation: by vehicle, on foot
- Clothes recommendations: convenient clothes and shoes, hats preferable.
Short tour description.
Sochi is indeed a garden-city. It is the northernmost subtropics in the world. Flora and fauna are rich and luxuriant. This tour reveals the beauty of nature and floral divercity of the region.
Your first drop of will be at former hotel Leningrad, present day Park hotel. There you will be invited to a walking promenade along seaside. You will see the monument to the Canon and the Ancor. Then through ancient soviet alley accompanied by Soviet Hotel of 30’s Primorskaya hotel and a typical spa-hotel Chernomoryeyou will get to the Theatre square. The Theatre building is a typical Stalin’s Ampire architecture style.
After a short drive you will get to Sochi arboretum. It is a former villa Nadezhda established new in the end of 1890’s by a prominent Russian publisher Khludov.
Today it is the biggest public park with rich collection of tress and bushes from all over the world. You can find Chinese, Japanese, Canadian, African and other “corners” of the world here. The guide will acquaint you with most significant species of flora in the park.


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